For Brokers

  • Funding program for lease brokers
  • Servicing transactions from $500 - $25,000
  • Credit based pricing
  • Application only up to $25,000
  • Frequently Asked Questions
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For Dealers

  • Offer equipment leasing to your customers
  • Available for new businesses
  • Fast approvals and payment to you
  • Direct leasing company
  • Frequently Asked Questions
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For Customers

  • Get the equipment lease you need
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • Simple application process
  • Trusted dealer network available
  • Frequently Asked Questions
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Equipment leasing that fits

TimePayment Corporation, a wholly owned operating subsidiary of MicroFinancial (NASDAQ:MFI), is a micro-ticket equipment leasing company that focuses on delivering leasing solutions to equipment dealers, lease brokers, and customers. Watch this short video to learn more about us by clicking here.

We are able to approve a wide range of customers including consumers. Our equipment leasing process is fast. We are able to approve transactions within minutes. We pay quickly too, within 24 hours of equipment lease verification.

We provide equipment leasing solutions for the following industries and more:
 Security Systems, Point of Use (POU) Water Systems, Construction, Fork Lifts, Beauty & Spa, Restaurant, Landscaping, Retail, Automotive, POS, HVAC, Printing, and much more. Visit our Industry Section by clicking here.

"TimePayment increases the size of our customer’s budget so that they can afford more equipment."
PK Pandey
GC Pro
A division of Guitar Center